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Working At Home – Why You Need Effective Time Management

The idea of working at home appeals to most people. Just imagine, no clock to watch, no boss on your case all day, no deadlines to meet. Sounds great doesn’t it. However, working at home with no time schedule will mean wasted time and effort.

When you are working for someone else they are paying for your time and expect to see a profitable return on their money. Otherwise they could well go bust and you would lose your job. If you are working at home it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that you are your own boss and you still need to see positive results from your time.

The amount of time you have available will depend upon your particular circumstances, and you need to plan for the most effective use of your time. Now I know that planning your day sounds like a real drudge, after all, wasn’t that one of the reasons for working at home? Well, without a schedule, your day will drift by and nothing, or very little, will get done.

Ok, so now you see why you need a schedule if you are going to work at home. All well and good, but how do you decide how to spend the time available?

First of all write out a list of tasks that you want to achieve in your day.

Prioritise the list. I normally use a simple numbering system of one to ten. One being highest priority and ten the lowest.

Allocate a reasonable amount of time for each task. Allow time for family, meals etc. Your family will not thank you if you are constantly trying to catch up and not giving them attention.

Accept that you might not get everything done in one day. What does not get completed can be rolled on for the next day. Or perhaps, you will need to decide if this particular task is a priority.

Be flexible, We all know that not everything goes exactly to plan and you could need to re-arrange one of your designated tasks.

Taking these simple steps will help you get into the habit of focusing your time on what is necessary, and not what could be left for another day. By having a simple schedule for working at home you will find that you achieve much more. Planned time will lead to less stress with time to do the things you enjoy. Once you have mastered a daily plan you can expand it to weekly, monthly, or whatever period you like. Now you can work at home without the hassle of not getting things done.

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