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Why Had Gondola Shelving Been So Popular Till Now?

The ultimate shelving solution – Gondola!

What impresses the most is the timeless and durable Gondola shelves appearing in the merchandising stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores. In fact, you may have an intimate interaction with them that you don’t remember at all.

Retail stores – Yes, that’s where you frequent for buying a variety of products for yourself.

Usually, the Gondola shelving has double-sided or single-sided with a pegboard in the shelves. Most of the retail stores would have 72″-84″ tall single-sided (wall) for shelving or 60″ for a double-sided option for shelving. (You can observe it the next time you visit a store!)

Gondola Shelving in a Retail Environment

There’s no purpose of installing them in the homes or offices, is there any?

Residential shelving options have a plethora to offer, therefore, there’s no requirement of Gondola shelving at homes. The basic purpose of installing Gondola shelves is to put the products on display, store and organize them neatly.

It’s unique. Needless to say, it is better than wire shelving and other options. Mainly, the presentation attracts the shoppers or customers. Adding to pegboards allows the retailers to hang the products onto them. So, it’s versatile and can be used with or without pegboards.

In a retail store, the center aisles have double-sided shelves, whereas the one-sided ones are installed near the walls. These are solid installations in a retail layout. Moreover, there is a wide range of sizing options available in the markets.

Generally, the small retail owners are content with 2″, 3″ and 4″ long sections. But, large retailers can find 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ and up to 28″ deep options, suitable for their respective retail stores. Anything that the store could accommodate is available.

Attractive layout options and versatility

Why aren’t other shelving choices on the same level as Gondola shelving?

Certainly, the “others” don’t qualify where the gondola does. It’s all about customization. Indeed, the base decks, the shelves, the peg boards, the extensions, the end caps – all provide the versatility with customization.

As for retailers, they can explore a good number of layout options. Attractive options, to be precise. Understanding the dimensions, requirements, and capacity prior to the ordering of Gondola shelving parts is an imperative. Otherwise, random considerations could incur higher costs. In fact, some people ignored the height considerations and ordered tall shelves for their stores, which was completely unnecessary.

Durability is the key

When you consider performance in the long-term, the gondola shelves come at the top. The product display and organization is just making it simple through Gondola and the customers find it easier to shop the products of their choice.

Even experts describe how gondola shelving has proven every bit of it through rigorous use. It is a preferable choice among others, especially when they uphold all their functions in a retail environment. Obviously, the retail store owners find them perfect for their convenience stores or grocery stores, helping them increase their efficiency and sales.

Sam Johnson writes about Retail Store and Home Shelving Solutions. He highlights the advantages of Gondola Shelving for the retail store environment. In addition, he mentions how shelving parts make it easier for assemblage or installation.

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