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Tips To Help You Survive In A First Person Shooter Game

Certainly, shooter games are among the most common free online games people enjoy today. They are fun and challenging to play. However, if you feel like you die plenty of times when playing your favourite one, it will stop being fun and you will lose interest. If you are at this point, here are some tips to help you not only survive but also win, and regain your joy:

Avoid running into the open: If you are playing as a first person shooter, never run out into the open before scanning the position of enemy soldiers, especially snipers. Just one shot to the head or the heart can end your combat before it even begins.

Do not stand still in one place: It is not advisable to remain in one place for a long time even if you are a sniper. The enemy will spot you and sneak up on you. It is OK if you are camping with your spawn but this is looked down up in many first person shooter games.

Do not play with explosives: Avoiding fooling around with explosives such as grenades and C4 because you might accidentally blow yourself up or you will not have sufficient time to switch to another weapon when the enemy appears. In addition, walk carefully where there are mines. One wrong step could blow you up to pieces.

Ensure no enemies are behind you: In most first person shooter games, chances are the enemy is always close behind. Make sure one from the enemy camp is following you from behind before proceeding with to a certain location or attacking those ahead of you. You have very little chances of surviving a surprise attack.

Avoid firing aimlessly: This is especially important the minute you begin playing the game. Do not fire to test the gun. Wait until you have a clear target before aiming and firing your gun. Firing aimlessly not only gives away your location to the enemy but also wastes valuable bullets, which are hard to come by in some games.

Upgrade your weapons: Perhaps the reason you are dying too quickly is that your shooting is too slow to kill all the enemies before they get to you. Try to use a better gun that aims accurately and fires quickly. Save up your money or earn credits to get a new gun. It is also important to use an appropriate gun for the task.

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