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The Truth About Working At Home

Ever heard the words “sex sells” in advertising? Well its true, but even more true is how some market the reality of working at home. Today I’m exposing the truth of what working at home is really like. You may not like what I have to say but the truth must be told.

“See you on the beaches of the world,” they say. Do you know why you hear that so much? Because that’s how working at home is sold by some. Or how about having financial freedom, earning money for college, or get out of corporate America? Now all of these things are possible and they are many people’s realities. What’s unfortunate is your hear more about failures than you do the successes. Is that strange? The home business industry fail rate is just as comparable to many other industries such as restaurants, boutiques, retail outlets, and doctor’s offices.

Because of the low entry cost more people take advantage of owning their own network marketing business instead of a brick and mortar business. Since more people take advantage of the opportunity and don’t treat it like a real business because of the low cost, you hear more about failure. Hope that clears some things up. It’s important to understand that home business is one of the easiest businesses to do if you can stay consistent and do it everyday. The working at home industry is a short cut but only if you can treat your opportunity like a professional and not a $500 hobby.

In my experience of working at home a few things have happened to me. I’m going to list the benefits and the negatives of what I have experienced over the past 2 years and then summarize the outcome.


 Personal Growth 
– New Relationships 
– Income 
– Travel Opportunities 
– Working my own schedule when and where I want 
– Freedom to work how I want and with who 
– I don’t have to wear a tie! 
– Legitimate and Respectable Industry 
– Experience Rejection 
– More time for me to skateboard


– Experience Rejection (on both lists because rejection helps you grow as a person and develops power, but at first if not trained properly can not feel fun) 
– Emotional Roller Coaster When 1st starting (unless you are trained to not be addicted to the outcome) 
– Can’t force others to work like you do (hint: Lead By Example) 
– Sometimes the people, that need to be working at home the most aren’t willing to suspend their disbelief and just give it all they got to change their lives/situation. 
– You want to help everyone but the reality is you can only help someone as much as they are willing to help themselves.

My overall experience is positive. If I had not turned to the working at home industry than I have no idea how I would be making a living after I graduated college. Now I talk to guys on the phone who have 10 years experience with MBAs that can’t get jobs. How was I going to compete with that?

My whole life I was fed this garbage of go to school, get good grades, and you’ll get a good job no problem. Well plan A didn’t work out to well after all this time. So home business may be marketed with big lifestyle dreams which can become realities but isn’t it funny how plan a is not marketed with how much debt you will have, how much money you will make, how long it takes to pay college debt off, how hard it is to get a job, and most importantly most of us have no mentor and no guidance to help us accomplish our dreams. I learned my lesson the hard way and hope that you maybe you can see about working at home when I graduated college.


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