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The Story Of Sheepskin Boots

Long time a go, there was this little kingdom:it was too old to had its name passed on to present day.

It is located upon a very big prairie with green grasses up to waist and tall trees of four men hug.

The people were living happily there. They raise a lot of stocks: hens, cattle, sheep. Every day when sun rose they drove their stock on the vast grass land. And drove them back when sun set.

They were happy because they led simple lives. No body bothered to think more than what it took to survive. They held parties and drank fine spirits. They were totally satisfied with their life. And nobody wanted to make a change.

One day, the king decided to go out and have a look at his subjects. He was a beloved king and well received during his tour.

And he cam to the suburb where the road was uneven and with a lot of sharp rocks. He was too happy to stay in his cart and decided to walk on the ground.

Suddenly his felt a great pain in his feet and cried out loud. His feet were cut by a sharp stone.

The king went angry and ordered the whole kingdom to cover the roads of the kingdom with animal skins. And since the number of sheep is the biggest, he ordered to use sheepskin.

This was a big decision and people had to obey. They slaughtered thousands of sheep and cut off their skin. But the road was too long and there were too many roads. The mission seemed impossible.

But nobody ever thought about that. They just obeyed the order.

Nobody until one day, there was this cute and smart lad. He suggested to the king, Why don’t you cover your feet with a piece of sheepskin so that we don’t have to kill so many sheep.

The whole country then realized how wrong they had been and started to cut off sheepskin to cover their feet so that no one’s feet got hurt.

The king was happy again and the young lad had saved lots of sheep.

Later on, when people saw the benefits of sheepskin covering their feet, they spend time to improve it. They made it more comfortable and suitable for the feet. And they call it Boot.

This was how sheepskin boots were invented.

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