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The Laptop Desk

If you think you have seen it all pertaining to the PC industry, here is an unusual laptop desk that you very likely have not seen yet. I stumbled upon this unique product quite by accident and was quite impressed. 
After buying one for myself, I offer the following evaluation:

First of all, this is not a product of cold glass, aluminum, or plastic, and it actually does not sit in your lap at all-a feature which keeps both you and your laptop at comfortable working temperatures.

Hand crafted from solid wood, it is an attractive piece of warm designer furniture offered in several wood tones to match the decor of any home. The unit is an attractive floor lamp with a rotate-out-of-the-way, desk for a laptop computer. The desk platform is located at a convenient height to clear the arm on your recliner. Just below the main lamp at top, is a second light angled downward to illuminate only the keyboard in the event one wishes to turn the main lamp off.

Toward the bottom of the lamp pedestal is an outlet where one can easily plug in the power cord for a laptop.

Also, located at chair height is a removable solid wood cup holder for an extra bit of luxury.

The desk platform tilts forward and backward to achieve the most comfortable angle for keyboard access. It can even be easily removed if desirable.

I use my unit often in late evening and night, and I like the keyboard light because it does not light the room. However, we often use the unit simply as a floor lamp when the computer is not in use. I keep the lamp adjacent to my recliner, and it is very convenient to simply rotate the desk with my computer over my lap for use, then rotate it out of the way when I get up.

Because this is a custom furniture piece, you can order it with your own desired accessories like pencil holders or magazine and book rack built in. Some have even ordered it with a socket to accommodate a cordless phone.

The price for this cool piece of furniture is at a super-bargain level when you consider the price of ordinary mass crafted furniture at most fine furniture stores. It is virtually guaranteed that you will not find this item at your local store. The manufacturer builds and sells these beautiful creations on order-only basis in his home shop.

You can find out more and see photos of these neat desks here. Visit [http://www.thelaptopdesk.com]

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