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The Development of the Internet

The internet all came about because it was designed to be a defense tool. As with everything that has to do with a country’s defense, all of the information about it was classified and only made available to those who were involved in the project.

Considering the above that it was a project made for defense by top scientists and the like, it is a pretty difficult task to give all the rights of invention to just one particular person. The easiest way to thus give a vague idea of who invented the internet would be to go through a couple of the names that were key in its development.

One of the best ways to explain in Layman’s terms the development of the internet is to look art manufacturing processes that lead up to the final product of something like the sweater that you wear on your back. You will have to think of the rearing of sheep, their shearing and the spinning of the wool before it can be woven into a pullover.

For the internet the rearing of the sheep would be what Leornard Kleinrock did by writing the packet switching theory back in the 1960’s.

The fundamental was a method of being able to handle large amounts of traffic loads.

The next thing that polished up was the language that would be used for the communication. This was the TCP/IP protocol that was developed thereafter by Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf. Networking the computers was then the next milestone which was done via the Ethernet, a genius development by Robert Metcalfe.

Radia Perlman came onto the project 20 years after its inception and brought with her the tree algorithm that made it possible for all the different networks to be joined. The still widely used HTML was then brought about by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau that allows for the writing of applications for the internet.

Most of the times people when asked who invented the internet will usually say the HTML duo. No doubt that they had a lot to do with what the web is today but we have to acknowledge the fact that had it not been the work of the others before them, this duo would not have even thought about HTML. So when you are truly deciding on who exactly invented the internet, it is best just to consider a bunch of people who collaborated and then put it out for the masses.

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