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So, You Don’t Get What You Want – Here’s How

When you were a child did you ever wish for something? Maybe a puppy, a kitten, a bike, or a pony? Did you ever wish upon a star? Did you get what you wanted? Probably not. Does the late Peggy Lee’s song “Is that all there is?” hold sway over you? Do you still dream about “someday”?

Well, there’s a way to have your dreams come true.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (2006) based on the movie of the same title advocates the idea that you can get what you want based on the notion of the Universal Law of Attraction. Simply the Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts you can bring positive or negative experiences into your lives. Today we talk about manifesting as a way to bring your desires into reality.

Manifesting means bringing into existence that which you desire. So how do you do that? There are dozens of books, YouTube videos, and magazine articles telling you how to do that. However, they never really tell you the secret—the ultimate things you have to do. Why? They want you to sign up for their seminars, the summer retreats, take their on-line courses or buy their books. Current literature about manifesting suggests there are three rules for that makes it work.

1. What you attract in the outer world is determined by the inner world. The inner world consists of your feelings about yourself and the world; it includes your thinking patterns and any limiting beliefs you may have, that is, those beliefs you cannot do something. The outer world is everything outside of you. Here’s how it works. You get up in the morning. Your back hurts. You didn’t sleep well. You feel grumpy. You go to the grocery store. You have s sourpuss on. How do you think those you meet are going to respond to you? Especially the checkout clerk? Most likely their response will not be very pleasant.

2. Changing your inner world also changes what you attract in the outer world. How do you change the way you feel? Suppose you are in a real funk? How do you get out of it? You can do several things. Some may seem strange but they do work. If you are in a negative mood and are critical of everything stop and say out loud if necessary, “I will be positive today”, or sing “You Are My Sunshine,” or sing the song from Beauty and the Beast, “There’s Been A Change in Me,” only change it to “There will be a change in me,” or every time a negative thought pops in your head say “one, two, three ding-a-lings.”

3. Intention, your intention, is the key to getting what you want. An intention is a state of mind in which there is a commitment, a fulfilling of a particular action, or desire. Brenna Yovanoff in The Replacement wrote, “Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome.” The most powerful force there is? What a statement that is! And it is powerful! Intention is a function and is one designed to accomplish a very specific task or thing. We tend to make our intention too generalized. The Universe does not like generalities. You must be very specific. Don’t just wish for a new car. Say what year, make, and color of car you want. Add any of the extras you want such as heated seats and steering wheel. Specificity is absolutely necessary.

Does one’s desire have to be money or material goods based? NO, it does not. You can manifest being pain free, improved health for yourself, family member, or friend. You can do an intention for peace in your heart, less bigotry in the country, less poverty. There is no limit to what you can manifest. Intention is the mechanism by which you bring into reality that which you desire. Look at it as a road map in which you have marked a beginning point and an end.

I said there were three rules for manifesting what you want. I really believe there are four. PATIENCE is absolutely necessary. With over seven billion people on this planet and all wanting something, it takes time for the Universe to process all of that. It becomes clearer why you must be specific in your intention.

Finally, a strong bit of advice. Don’t ask for what you want. Command it. Here’s an example of a command: Bring me $100. Remember, what you want may appear in a different form; you just need to recognize it. Here’s an example: You have intentioned some additional money. You are at a store and as you step out of your car, you spot a dime on the ground. Later, maybe the next day, you find a quarter. Take this as a sign; the Universe is working on your intention. Your wishes can come true!

Dr. Wilson is the author of How To Get What You Really Want, Manifesting-The Shaman’s Way and Activating Your Spirit Guides. He has several hundred articles published at various Internet venues and a dozen books in print.

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