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Snow – Seasonal Miracles of Living

Did you ever look at a snow flake?

Living in the Rocky Mountains affords many seasonal miracles, in many seasons. The grandest of which is winter. Snow. Oh, I know there is snow in other places, and some places get way more snow than we do, but even though there is snow. It’s different.

Our snow falls in splendiferous circles, spiraling to the ground. Each individual snow flake comes down in a way that glorifies the space, the thin air, and the wondrous miracle of mountain high living.

Standing in the middle of a mountain field with snow falling around you, you’re surrounded in white. Pines in the distance whisper in the crackling magic of a snowfall, the breezes circling through. But the sound you hear in the field is the crisp falling of snow flakes, shattering when they collide. The stillness of the air, the brisk dry chill of the air seeping into your bones, and the life. You feel the life.

The mountains speak your name. They call your heart. The pines begin to dance and live, vibrantly cheering on the elemental value of each single snowflake, falling, diving, and landing. But they don’t stop with landing…

The breeze in the mountains make them swirl. It lifts them off the valley floor and sends them dancing on swirls of air, vibrantly showing off their tips and edges, sparkling in the white of a Colorado winter.

Decadent Dance of Dalliance

The joy of walking in a winter snow fall can’t be topped. My grandmother referred to January snow strolls as the decadent dance of dalliance, a joy known only to those who dared to step outside their comfort zone and walk where none had tread.

We had open fields of wondrous attractions, sparkling with hints of sunlight as the skies cleared. But our favorite strolls were before the snow stopped falling, before the skies began to clear, and before the quiet refuge of seasonal miracles ended.

To have a memory of walking with Grandma through the snow, you had to be there. But to experience the decadent dance of dalliance all you have to do is wonder into a field of new falling snow and wait until your tracks are covered, then spin in circles and stand still until you’re covered in snow. Listen and watch as the seasonal miracle fills up your heart and soul until you drift into the oblivion caused by whiteness.

Listen close… You can hear the snow flakes falling.

Quality of life?

The lessons of life come in moments when you don’t expect to learn anything, but life teaches you a glorious lesson meant to be shared.

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