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Personal Alarms – A Device to Help Keep Coeds Safe While Away at College

Protection for students attending college becomes a concern for parents when their children leave home – perhaps especially for parents of coeds. Why? One reason may be that many schools now house both males and females in the same dormitory, which may pose additional risk in the form of gender-based violence.

Not only that, but there is usually a higher probability of sexual harassment in college – mostly of female students by their male counterparts. Since being in possession of weapons is prohibited in schools, Personal Alarms become an excellent choice of self protection for many would-be victims. They are non-lethal yet have a sound that will unexpectedly startle any bad guy who wants to do harm to you thereby giving you time to get away.

Oftentimes there is a tendency for male students to band together, which poses an even greater threat to coed students in the dorm or while walking at night, on or off campus. For additional protection coeds should walk with at least one other person, especially at night. Most potential attackers are hesitant to bother even a small group of people.

For even more protection all students should carry a Personal Alarm with them at all times. This device is activated by pulling a pin or pressing a button. This will immediately sound a very loud alarm which will startle an attacker as well as get the attention of anyone around. And since most college students have cell phones, it will give them a chance to call 911, get a photo or two or maybe even get some video of what went on.

Personal Alarms are small and inexpensive and come in different shapes with different alarm intensities. There is one particular device that is great for coeds – a lipstick alarm which looks like a stylish tube of lipstick but gives off a 100 db alarm which can be heard by anyone nearby.

To activate this device you just pull the top up and the alarm will sound. So, if someone approaches a woman and she feels threatened, all she has to do is pull out the lipstick. The potential attacker should like the idea and thinks he’s doing OK until the alarm hits his ears. Then, after he’s startled, the woman should just run away and call 911 and so that the police can apprehend him quickly.

Personal Alarms should be carried by everyone at college, both females as well as males. These devices can keep you from becoming the next victim of a crime.

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