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National Teddy Bear Day

2002 marked the 100th birthday of the teddy bear. During this time the world’s favorite stuffed animal has come to symbolized loyalty and friendship. It only seems appropriate to designate a special day to celebrate teddy bears and all they represent.

Most of us can remember our favorite childhood teddy bear. Teddy bears are timeless and often invoke memories of our youth. We will never forget how our special furry friend gave us comfort as a child.

The history of the Teddy Bear is believed to have started in 1902 with President Theodore Roosevelt on a bear hunting expedition in Mississippi. During the hunting trip he refused to shoot a defenseless bear cub. This story was circulated and was eventually captured in a political cartoon by Cliff Barryman. The image then sparked shopkeeper Morris Michtom imagination and he created the first known stuffed bear in President Roosevelt’s honor.

Today teddy bears are loved by the young and old. Often the first gift given to a newborn is their very first teddy bear to love. Teddy bear collecting has become a popular and profitable hobby as well. Collectors of antique and vintage teddy bears come from every age group and every area of the world. Books, magazines and clubs have been formed all out of the love we have for stuffed bears.

In honor of our most beloved stuff animal May 19th has been declared National Teddy Bear Day. A celebration of our personal childhood best friend and special companion. National Teddy Bear Day fittingly coincides with National Bear Awareness Week. Be sure to check with your local zoo. Most American Zoos will have special events for children and their beloved teddy bear. Activities often include arts and crafts, storytelling, teddy bear hospital and costumed characters.

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