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Freelance Lessons: Learn How to Bid Effectively

Have you come across any freelancing site and do you know how to bid on projects? If you have not, this article will be very useful to you. Bidding is a process of informing the project owner about your thoughts and preferences. The project creator uses the mechanism to screen and analyze the abilities of various service providers interested in his or her task. It is a standard method of hiring and applying for work on all freelancing websites.

As a service provider the bidding process enable you to do the following 
1. Apply for a job that aligns with your skills, knowledge and experience 
2. Convince the buyer that you have what it takes to start and complete the project on time. 
3. Set the rates you want to be paid for the project. 
4. Test the waters if you are new at a given freelance job site. 
5. Allows you to ask the employer a few necessary questions before starting the project. 
6. Gives you an opportunity to compete with many other world professionals.

Since the bidding process allows you to do all the above things, you really do not think it is a joke, do you? If you seriously want your bid to stand out, start learning important tips and tricks. The following might help.

1. Avoid bidding for a project you do not know anything about.

Even if you are in a hurry to step outside the house for a while, hold on first. Read each project’s details fully before sending the buyer a proposal. Reading helps you know the main requirements and find some simple tests that some project creators hide.

2. Control your hunger for better rates.

While you cannot settle for peanuts, you must not propose ridiculously high rates also. At freelance job sites, you would clearly know the highest rate that buyers are willing to pay their providers. So, if the current rate for an article of 500 words is 6 dollars, you should accept the rate or raise or lower it a little. The competition is very tight and the situation can force you to develop patience.

3. Scrutinize a buyer or employer

While many buyers are genuine and human, others are fraudsters. It is so sad that workers at various online job sites do not earn much and given a chance, a few buyers are willing to take their little earnings away. Read the buyer’s feedback ratings to get an idea of how quickly he or she pays. As well, you can discover if he or she is a fraud or nonsensically strict.

4. Write a reasonable proposal

In your proposal, include your abilities and the strategy for completing a given project. Be very frank about the duration you need to do everything perfectly. Some people fear losing opportunities and therefore, they give themselves a very short time to complete the project only to exceed the deadlines.

5. Send a private message

Since you want to hold a private conversation with the project owners, use the private message or inbox feature. It allows you to explain your proposal further, negotiate the rates, ask questions, set a reasonable deadline and do a lot more.

Summary of the bidding process 
· Browse the new projects page in your favorite field. 
· Select favorable projects 
· Open them, read the guidelines properly and click the bid on this project icon 
· Based on the complexity of the task, set your best rate 
· Select the amount of time you require to complete a job 
· Write a bid message and click submit button. 
· To convey additional information, click send a private message option and say what you want to say. 
· Some bidding sites recommend that you wait for the buyer to invite you for a chat or interview.

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