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Free Computers For Soldiers

Free computers for soldiers are for real. Our armed heroes fight for our country and they protect our country against attacks by enemies during the course of a war. During peacetime they also help the government by assisting in building bridges and other similar tasks. They also help to evacuate people during natural calamities like floods and earthquakes. The engineering section of the military also assists the government with their special skills in rebuilding bridges that have broken down due to natural calamities. However, it is during the course of a war that these protectors of the country make their true worth felt.

The often have to travel to distant countries to fight for our country leaving their near and dear ones far behind. Quite a number of these soldiers come from families who are economically weak and cannot afford to own their own computers. They also have a wish to keep in touch with their near and dear ones through emails and through online chats. However, their families need to have access to a computer for chatting and exchanging emails. It is keeping these things in mind that Operation Homelink was launched. During its initial phase, this non profit organization provided computers to the families of 75 paratroopers.

Till date, more than 3,200 soldiers have benefited by this operation through which their families have received internet friendly computers from corporate donors. It is assumed that this number will increase in the near future. The fun and delight amongst the troopers has to be seen to be believed when they hear the voices of their near and dear ones. They get to know more about the progress of their kids’ education among other things. PC manufacturers like Dell have also collaborated with Operation Homelink to provide free computers for soldiers.

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