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Elvis Lives – In Caleta De Fuste

Another hard night for me (joke); this time I am to watch Danny Summers perform his Elvis show.

I have seen Danny play in various bars around Caleta de Fuste a few times, and he’s always great, but tonight in front of 600 people he is fantastic. We are in the Hotel Barcelo in Caleta de Fuste, and the place is packed. They have a large performance area, and this is ideal for Danny’s act.

Being an Elvis fan, as I have been since I was eight, this was a real treat, he looks the part and sounds the part; in fact: Elvis lives…in Fuerteventura. Singing songs that spanned Elvis’ entire career, we are treated to American Trilogy, That’s Alright, Treat Me Nice, and Suspicious Minds, to start with, then later we are witness to fine versions of (Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame, and even GI Blues and Its Now Or Never.

An impressive songbook and an impressive voice to match too, some would say, almost operatic in range.

His act is generally an hour, but he has been known to be on stage for up to two hours; so he obviously has a wealth of material to draw from. The stage at the Barcelo is well suited for a performer such as Danny, as he likes to move around and play up to the audience, as he does tonight. At one point he was singing to a child in the audience, and the crowd loved it; not so sure the child did, but that’s to be expected I guess.

In all, and as I said earlier, a great show from a performer that knows how to work an audience, and even brings his own jumpsuit. You can’t say fairer than that.

Sean Redfearn, is a writer for the Fuerteventura News, and owner of the Caleta Live website, dedicated to all things in Caleta de Fuste.
He is a resident of the Island, and spends much of it in Caleta de Fuste.


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