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Comic Subscriptions for Marvel Comics

It is overwhelming to see the comics available nowadays. Some are for kids, some for teenagers and some for adults. But we all know that for serious comic fans then it is a must to subscribe to Marvel comics. But what characters have the best stories? My suggestion is to follow based on their popularity.

The popularity of a character is well seen by the age of the character, the uniqueness and of course by the popularity itself.. The most obvious parameter is by the big screen filter. If the characters have been made a movie in the big screen by the Hollywood producers, then it deserves to be followed.

Based on that then my favorite list of Marvel characters are:

1. Spider-man. Definitely on my number one list because he is Peter Parker, who has his own issues with his self-confidence, a nerd type of guy who like the girl in his school but do not have the guts to tell her. Even though he became Spider-man with his super power and super spider abilities he is still limited with his personal problems in one way or another. Being a hero who helps others but in the same time struggling for his own.

2. Iron-man. The brilliant and arrogant billionaire Tony Stark who invented his own Iron–man armor to show the world that he is a superhero indeed. Iron-man 1 and Iron-man 2 used high technology Computer Generated Imagery to make the armor looked very real and amazingly cool in the movie.

3. Hulk. Bruce Banner with his alter ego exploded by the Gamma radiation explosion made him a big, mean, mad green giant who will break any obstacles in front of him every time he gets angry. You do not want him to get angry, right?

The list above are my top three picks for comic subscriptions. I enjoy them in the movies as well in the comics.

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