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Amazing Fun – Get Dirty To Make A Sand Castle

A vacation at the beach seems incomplete without sand art. It provides a cheap and unlimited supply of sand so there is no need to spend money on buying clay. Just enjoy the warmth at the beach, and indulge your artistic side to generate medieval fantasies by making your own sand castle. You do not have to be an assisted living architect or a nursing home architect to do so. All you need is a little bit of help, and you can go on enjoying your sand art. Here are some tips that will surely come in handy.

• First of all, you have to make a rough sketch of the castle you will be making. This will give you an idea on the proportions you are going to take while making the actual one.

• Next, you need to choose a square site which is closer to the water. The place should be where the soil is moist, but not much closer where tides can destroy your artwork. Also ensure the chosen area is even and big enough for your castle plans.

• With that done, the next step is digging the hole down to the water table. This is actually the place where the sand is dark and moist. If you don’t like the idea of digging so much, then an alternative is to bring large buckets of water from the sea. You will find that extremely wet sand is easiest to work with. Thus, if the sand is dry, you can use a spray bottle to wet it down.

• Scoop out and place the wet sand in the very center where you will be working. Place some extra amount of sand than the amount you think you will need.

• Start working really fast while the sand remains moist. The drier the sand is, the more difficult it becomes for you to shape it.

• Make the towers of the castle by stacking sand patties that are almost the size and shape of thick pancakes. For a tower, the larger patties should be at the bottom. Shake the patties gently from side to side as you are stacking them. This helps to settle and keep them in place. Pouring some water gently over the towers can help to seal them further.

• Once the towers are in place, make the walls to connect them. Make brick shapes from wet sand and layer them over each other.

• To give a final touch to the towers and walls, carve them properly using a small trowel, a knife or some plastic utensils.

• Finally your castle is complete, but it needs to be protected from invaders such as dogs or breaking waves. For this, you can dig a wide moat around the castle. This will not only protect it, but also give it a real touch of the medieval castles.

When you go to the beach next time, make sure you know these tips. Grab a few utensils before heading to the beach, and you are all set to enjoy the loveliest form of art at the beach.

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