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5 Most Popular Mobile Games in 2014

Mobile games have become popular among gamers and the latest and most popular of these games are designed to take advantage of the better tablets and faster phones and provide more fun than ever before. Of the 5 Most Popular mobile games of 2014, four have yet to be released and 1 has all ready come and gone. Here is a look at these 5 games.

Flappy Bird

Flappy bird was released in 2013 and slowly gained popularity and finally exploded in popularity in February of this year. A week or two later the game was pulled much to the dismay of this games many fans. The game was quite simple to play, you simply moved the little bird through pipes that resembled the pipes in the popular Nintendo Mario Brothers Game. Surprisingly, there was no explanation for why the game was pulled or whether or not a return of the cute little bird will be back.

Third Eye Crime

Third eye crime stars Rothko the Physic thief who has been jailed for stealing art. Of course, he tries to escape, using only his wits, stealth and physic ability. He needs to escape without getting caught or getting shot. The entire game is set against comic book style backdrops and scenery and a Jazzy blues sound track. Each level has another door he has to escape through while avoiding all the guards seeking to recapture him.

The game is due out this spring.


Frame is a story book puzzle type of game in which you have to rearrange a variety of comic book panels in order to move the story along. The way you arrange the panels will affect the story line and of course if you don’t make the best choices it could end in your demise. There doesn’t seem to a launch date set yet for this game to hit mobile devices.

Jungle Rumble

According to avid gamers Jungle rumble is a mix of Patapon and Donkey Kong jungle beat, only instead of big gorillas you have a group of cute little monkeys who need to defend their area of jungle against an invading monkey family. This game requires a little musicality and great listening skills as you need to use the drum beat in the music to help your monkey family swing from tree to tree and throw coconuts at the other gang of monkeys who want to take over the jungle. Timing is everything if you want to save your monkey family’s home from the invaders!


Hearthstone is a card game for those gamers who love warcraft. Designed primarily for iPad this game is said to be simple and extremely fun as you need to draw the right cards and use a bit of strategy in order to sling spells, summon creatures to come to your aid, and command your heroes to engage in warcraft duals.

While most of these games are not on mobile apps yet, all are expected to appear this year and be extremely popular among gamers of various ages. It looks like 2014 could be a great gaming year for mobile users.

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